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Indiana University Bloomington
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Tuition and Fees

An Indiana University degree in Medical Physics is a great investment in your future.

  • Tuition and fees are comparable to or below those of other Medical Physics Master’s degree programs.
  • Bloomington is amazing and the cost of living is well below the national average.
  • The total cost of a master’s degree including personal expenses is generally less than a medical physicist’s first year’s salary.

The official IU Office of the Bursar web site is your best guide to financial planning at Indiana University Bloomington. There you will find advice and up-to-date tuition and fee information as well as links to helpful cost of living information.

Tuition and fees for the Medical Physics program are represented under the “Graduate School” category.

On average, students enroll in 12 credit hours per semester.

We are available to assist you with identifying and applying for financial aid, grants and scholarships.